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What is travel insurance?

Giving you reassuring protection against costs arising from unexpected situations, travel insurance is available for both foreign and domestic trips. Travel insurance is a must for anyone taking a trip or longer holiday, be it for sightseeing, leisure or to pursue amateur sports pastimes such as skiing or surfing. Parents should also consider travel insurance when travelling with children.
By insuring your travel, you can relax and enjoy your trip without undue worry. Insurance can cover costs arising from a variety of situations including medical treatment and transport, flight delay and loss of luggage, alongside third-party liability and accident insurance.
To best protect you from unforeseen situations, we recommend always choosing a comprehensive level of cover that best suits your trip.

This insurance is for you if:

You expect comprehensive protection wherever you are

You are traveling for recreation and leisure purposes

You practice sport not professionally, e.g. skiing or jogging

You want to secure your luggage

Why buy insurance through eSky?

The travel insurance available to purchase via eSky combines travel expertise with the valued experience of our insurance partner. This collaboration enables us to offer a comprehensive-yet-inexpensive insurance solution covering costs arising from medical treatment required during an overseas trip up to the value of €300,000. This is one of the highest insured sums on the market! Additionally, this insurance also covers the cost of any medical transport, giving it far greater scope of protection than the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC).

Travel insurance

Travel insurance – domestic trips

If you are going to travel around the country you live in, as part of your travel insurance you will get:

  • Personal injury insurance up to €10,000
  • Liability insurance up to €200,000
  • Assistance and medical transport
  • Compensation for lost or damaged luggage up to €1,000
  • Alcohol clause included in the price, i.e. no exemptions for events under the influence of alcohol
Travel insurance - international trips

Travel insurance – international trips

If you are going on a trip abroad, as part of the travel insurance you will receive:

  • Reimbursement of medical treatment costs abroad up to €300,000
  • Reimbursement of medical treatment costs of exacerbations of chronic diseases up to €100,000
  • Personal injury insurance up to €10,000 and third-party liability insurance up to €100,000
  • Compensation for lost or damaged luggage up to €1,000
  • Assistance and medical transport
  • Alcohol clause included in the price, i.e. no exemptions for events under the influence of alcohol

Travel with children

Any trip involving children should always be covered with travel insurance. In the event of any health problems during your trip – even minor issues like colds or cuts – your insurance enables you to access medical assistance such as medical visits and even hospitalisation – quickly and without additional cost. The policy also offers reimbursement of any costs incurred for medicines, dressings or orthopaedic products when prescribed by a doctor.

Travel insurance vs. EHIC cover Although the European Health

Insurance Card (EHIC) is a popular solution when travelling in Europe, it may not offer the same protection as travel insurance purchased via eSky. EHIC coverage is dependent on the country of travel and does not cover the costs of medical transport, which can potentially exceed €100,000. Our insurance imposes no limit on medical transport costs, therefore we strongly recommend purchasing travel insurance through eSky prior to your trip, giving you additional protection to the EHIC.

How much could you save with eSky travel insurance?
Country and incidentCosts without insurance coverCosts with eSky insurance cover
gastric bleed
Hospital treatment 
Total: €8,280
injured while surfing
In-country treatment 
Flight to country of residence
Total: €11,830
injury during a car accident
Hospital treatment 
Flight to country of residence
Total: €84,590
heart attack
Hospital treatment, including ICU
Flight to country of residence
Total: €17,335
injury during cycle accident
Hospital treatment 
Flight to country of residence
Total: €23,090
pulmonary embolism with deep-vein thrombosis
Hospital treatment 
Flight to country of residence
Total: €9,250
Examples of damages include the average cost of treatment.

How much is eSky travel insurance?

At eSky, affordable travel insurance is more than just a buzzword! Our low daily rates mean that travel insurance bought from eSky keeps you and your family safe throughout your trip without breaking the bank. Please see below for example prices for a seven-day trip.

CountryeSky travel insurance for two people, per seven dayseSky travel insurance for four people, per seven days
Greece26,40 GBP52,80 GBP
Italy26,40 GBP52,80 GBP
USA49,03 GBP98,06 GBP
Thailand49,03 GBP98,06 GBP

How to buy travel insurance?

You can buy travel insurance either during the booking process or when using the search engine at the top of the page. Select the origin and destination of your trip, the date and number of people to be covered by the insurance. Find out how much your insurance cover will cost in seconds and arrange cover using our secure payment gateway. After you fill in the necessary data and make the payment, you can wait for your departure with peace of mind.

How to use your eSky travel insurance?

If something unexpected has happened during your trip, take advantage of your insurance without the hassle. Contact the Assistance Centre to report any damage or injury, arrange a medical visit or direct you to the nearest medical facility. Our friendly advisors will also help you with reimbursement for any costs incurred. You can find the Assistance Centre phone number on your certificate or your digital insurance card, – we recommend downloading this to your phone for easy reference to all useful information!

Important documents

Travel insurance


Special Terms and Conditions of Foreign Travel Insurance
Download file


Special Terms and Conditions of Domestic Travel Insurance
Download file

The insurance agent servicing this group insurance is We Care Insurance Sp. z o.o. with headquarters in Katowice (40-265), at Murckowska street 14A.

What type of travel insurance?

The type of travel insurance depends on your travel destination (domestic or international travel) and the preferences of the traveler. It is a basic protection against unforeseen events during the trip. It is also good to complement your travel insurance by purchasing travel cancellation insurance.

How much is travel insurance?

Travel insurance does not have a fixed price. However, its cost is a fraction of the cost of both the airline ticket and the whole trip. The price of travel insurance depends on the chosen destination, trip duration and the number of people covered by it.

Travel insurance – which to choose?

If you decide to travel, it is good to take out travel insurance right away. This type of insurance lets you protect yourself and your fellow passengers against the costs of unforeseen events during the trip. On the other hand, travel cancelation insurance is insurance that allows you to avoid money loss in the event your trip cannot take place.

Travel insurance what should it include?

Each travel insurance includes third party liability insurance, accident insurance and health insurance. Such a set allows you to protect yourself against the consequences of unexpected events during the trip. They include, doctor visits or a hospital stay during the trip, to name but a few.

Where to buy travel insurance?

It is best to buy travel insurance when booking tickets on eSky. If the insurance has not been added to the booking, it can be purchased later, for instance via this website. Travel insurance on eSky can also be purchased without having a booking on our website.

Travel insurance – what to pay attention to?

Before buying travel insurance, check the extent of it. It is worth reading the general terms and conditions of insurance and consider whether the insurance covers the costs of any events that may occur during the trip. In the case of trips that are not related to professional practice of sports, travel insurance purchased on eSky will always be the right choice.

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